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18th February 2022

Christmas Candles You Should Buy in Bulk Before the Holiday Season

Candles will never go out of fashion, whether you use them in your restaurant to create an atmosphere or are dressing up another kind of venue for a special event. If, like many other business owners, you’re already starting to plan ahead for next Christmas, this is a great time to take advantage of special deals on Christmas candles in the UK from reputable suppliers like Provided they stay in their original packaging and are kept in favourable conditions, candles will not deteriorate significantly over time. So, buying seasonal candles from a wholesale UK candle company at affordable prices in preparation for next Christmas could well be a smart move.

Where to buy Christmas candles in the UK

Here’s some general information on how to choose the best affordable candles in the UK, whether you run a hospitality venue, an events management company or indeed any other type of organisation that routinely uses candles.

Candles come in many shapes and sizes. Some come in containers, and others are freestanding or sized to fit into a variety of types of holders, from candlesticks to jars and more.

The two basic components of a candle are consistent: each needs wax and a wick.

What often differs from candle to candle is the type of wax used. The most common type of wax for candles, which has been around since the 1850s, is paraffin wax. This is a non-toxic material that burns cleanly when lit. If you are opting for the best Christmas scented candles in the UK, paraffin wax holds the fragrance better and longer than other types of wax. But more importantly for businesses, it is the least expensive type of wax while still offering a quality flame and burn time. So if you’re ordering candles in bulk, you’ll get more for your money with paraffin wax candles.

The wick is the backbone of the candle. It absorbs the wax as it melts to keep the flame alight. The wick has to burn at the same rate as the wax is melting so that no tunnelling occurs.

Again, there are different types of wicks for candles, like cotton and wood wick. At Candles UK, we tend to stick with cotton, the more traditional option, not least because it’s also the most affordable, so we can keep our prices low for our customers. You’ll find that cotton is also the most frequently used type of wick in candles worldwide, and there’s good reason for that – it’s because it does the job well.

Unlike a wooden wick, a cotton one is quick and easy to light – it will tend to catch the first time. Wooden wicks are prone to blowing out in even a light breeze, whereas a cotton wick is more likely to stay lit, even if your patrons are constantly opening and closing your premises’ doors as they come and go. Cotton wicks are also easier to relight, so if you’re using the same candles over a number of nights, it’s no trouble to light them up again each time.

All these may sound like minor points, but add them up, and you’ll save far more time – and money too – with cotton wicks in paraffin candles.

And why are candles especially important at Christmas? Candles give off a warm, comfortable glow that’s particularly sought during the festive season. The way you decorate your venue sends out important messages to your customers – that they are welcome and that in your company, they’re at a home from home, a place where they can kick back, relax and enjoy the festivities just as they would if they actually were at home. And that can keep them returning as paying customers throughout the rest of the year.

What Christmas Candles to Buy

Whether you manage a hospitality venue or are planning seasonal events, now is a good time of year to stock up on Christmas candles in the UK, especially if you can source a great deal from a reputable supplier.

In terms of the type of candle, you can choose between dining and pillar candles, as well as tealights. All come in standard white, which is, of course, an ideal colour to use all year round as it won’t detract from or clash with any other element of your décor. At Christmas, though, traditional colours include red and green.

Pillar candles make an ideal centrepiece for a Christmas table decoration, while elegant dinner candles will add a touch of class to any Christmas meal. Tealights are hugely versatile and even come in a range of seasonal fragrances such as cinnamon to evoke memories of traditional family celebrations.

Whichever you choose, all our candles are selected with quality and cost-effectiveness in mind.

Buy Wholesale Candles from the Best UK-Based Candle Company

It doesn’t seem like candles will ever go out of fashion – and indeed, at the moment, they’re more popular than ever.

If you are interested in buying from a reputable UK candle company, reach out to us at Candles UK. We have a great passion for the candles we select for sale to our clients aim to stock a wide variety of options so you can find ones that are ideal for your business while fitting in with your budget too.

Contact us today if you have questions about our services or our wholesale candles here in the UK. We take pride in being the best candle company in the UK, offering unbeatable quality and excellent customer service.

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Candles UK
At Candles UK, we proudly offer a unique range of candle supplies across the UK as the perfect gifts for others or to enhance your own living space. 
At Candles UK, we proudly offer a unique range of candle supplies across the UK as the perfect gifts for others or to enhance your own living space.
Candles UK
At Candles UK, we proudly offer a unique range of candle supplies across the UK as the perfect gifts for others or to enhance your own living space.
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